Speciality Additives for Plastics & Paints

Product Code- AF1007

Special features:
  • Prevents fogging of film surfaces at low & high temperature during storage
  • Maintains the visibility of packaged food items
  • Food safe
  • Compatible with most polymers
  • Ecologically safe

Areas of applications:
  • Low temperature packing film / Cling film:
    • As master batch in PP & LDPE. Prevents fogging of film surfaces (Needs at least 72hrs to be effective). The product migrates to the surface of the films and stops vapour condensation & maintain clarity / visibility.

EN 71 Part 3 – Extractable Heavy Metals Test Report - Download
IS 9845 standard – Food Grade Certificate - Download
Intertek Test Certificate for Anti Fog Cling Film - Download

Anti Fog Additive Download Pdf