Speciality Additives for Plastics & Paints

Product Code- LG1002

Special features:
  • Based on micro particles of modified zeolite
  • Increases the shelf & transit life of packed fruits, vegetables, cut flowers & meat by reducing ethylene concentration
  • Human safe, Eco-friendly
  • Compatible with respective polymers

Areas of applications:
  • Plastic/Polymer Industry:
    • Life Guard Additive can be added in plastics to make master batch in LLDPE, PS, PBT or other polymers while moulding or extrusion
    • Used in Packaging Products like Cling films, Liners, Containers, Bags etc.
    • Fruits, vegetables, meat and cut flowers stored in these packaging products remain fresh for longer period.

Tested as per the standard:-

EN 71 Part 3 – Extractable Heavy Metals Test Report

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UV Stabilizer Additive Download Pdf