Speciality Additives for Plastics & Paints

Product Code- RR1009

Special features:
  • Unique Additive based on micro-porous acrylic polymer filled with mixture of odor emitting chemicals and very bitter compounds.
  • Dissuades rodents from attacking polymers
  • Human safe, Eco-friendly
  • Compatible with most polymers

Areas of applications:
  • Plastic/Polymer Industry:
    • Used as master batch in cables (domestic cables, industrial cables, drip irrigation pipes, automobile cables), pipes

Tested as per the standard:-

EN 71 Part 3 – Extractable Heavy Metals Test Report - Download
Choice & No Choice Test (CAZRI Test Report) - Download
Halogen content by EX-XRF Method - Download

Rodent Repellent Additive Download Pdf