When small discrete droplets of water condense on the surface of transparent plastic films, it is called fogging. It hampers the visibility of packaged fruits, vegetables, flowers and meat stored at low temperature, in plastic bags or clings wraps, the visibility of film or bags becomes poor due to moisture condensation on the inner surface of bags or films. In turn, this poor visibility decreases the marketability of the products packed in them. Packaging at low temperature demands non-fogging property ensuring adequate visibility of products stored in it.

Anti-fog additive masterbatch by Lifeline Technologies ensures protection against fogging by avoiding the formation of droplets on the inner surface of the plastic film. This helps to maintain a clear view and avoids quality loss of the content.

Condensation of droplets in agricultural greenhouse films and tunnel films decreases light transmission to ng the plants as a result slowing their growth and reducing productivity. The lensing effect created by these droplets hampers the growth of plants and damage plants by creating brown spots.

Anti-fog additive masterbatch by Lifeline Technologies makes these films non-adhesive thus stopping the accumulation of droplets on the surface and letting the sunlight in for the proper growth of plants.

Vegetables and Fruits are either ethylene producers or absorbers, which is triggered at maturity level. The use of an anti-ripening agent will absorb or convert ethylene gas and significantly extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

Application :
  • Packaging
  • Agriculture
Benefits :
  • Extended product shelf-life
  • Increased aesthetic quality
  • Excellent optical properties