LSZH Compound

LSZH Compound

Low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) or Halogen-free, flame retardant (HFFR) compound is the main material to produce safety cable.

Halogen free solutions that fulfil both mechanicals, flame and processibility are very challenging.

High filled materials are required for high flame resistance. Some conditions during long terms applications requires environmental stress cracking resistance. Our solutions are tested on such severe conditions of moisture, temperature and mechanical stress on low and medium volage.

We offer new CPR regulation materials for insulations and sheathing application.

We also offer both Copper LAN and Optical Fibre solutions.

High processability, flame and chemical resistance are nowadays the main quests in the market.

Our materials are designed upon customers both available equipment and general specifications.

Our offerings:
  • LSZH compounds for Low Voltage Power and Telecom
  • LSZH compounds for Solar and Photovoltaic Optical Fibre Cables
  • PE compounds for Electrical Vehicles charging cables
  • TPU compounds for Specialized wire and cable
  • TPE compounds for Flexible wire and cable
  • TPE compounds for Oil resistance wire and cable
  • PVC compounds for Telecommunications cable
  • PVC compounds for Low Voltage Power cable