White Masterbatch

White Masterbatch

Out of all the varieties of Masterbatches used in plastic applications, the White Masterbatch is the most used one. It provides whiteness, brightness and opacity to the final product. A variety of chemicals such as titanium dioxide, antimony oxide, zinc oxide and zinc sulphide are used to provide these properties in plastics. Some of the main reasons for use of titanium dioxide is its special properties such as average particle size (.19 to 0.22 micron), high refractive index etc.

From simple injection moulding application to multi-layer film, Lifeline Technologies has a very extensive range of White Masterbatches. We offer White Masterbatches for almost all applications and polymers.

Lifeline Technologies offers a vast range of White Masterbatch with different TiO2 concentrations that cater to our customers’ requirements in opacity, whiteness, processes and applications.

WHITE Masterbatches are available in PE, PP, EVA, ABS, PC, PET, PS and NYLON base resins for various applications.

  • FMCG packaging
  • Film extrusion, Multi-layer film, Laminated film
  • Wire and Cable
  • Films requiring very high opacity
  • Very thin gauge films
  • LLDPE & metallocene LLDPE rich films for oil & milk flexible pouches
  • Multi-layer and mono layer films
  • TQPP, BOPP & BOPET films
  • Non critical application films with higher thickness
  • For High output machines
  • Thermoforming applications
  • HIPS sheets for disposable cups & other similar applications
  • Woven sacks & FIBC bags
  • PET Fibres – yarn & staple fibre
  • PP Non-Woven fabric