About Us

Lifeline Technologies was established in 1993 with a mission to manufacture innovative and specialty products of global standards.

We have been leading the global specialty additives industry. Our promise is to deliver performance and value addition to our business partners. Backed by a diverse product portfolio and a strong presence in over 32 countries, we cater to a wide range of industries. These range from Wire and Cable to Consumer and Household Durables, as well as Packaging and Agriculture, to name a few. Our products are a result of years of Research & Development to ensure the highest of standards

Our Mission

To manufacture innovative, specialty products by adhering to global standards, with a promise of delivering performance and value addition to our business partners (customers).

Our Vision

To Constantly Improve our offerings through sustained Research and Development

Company Philosophy

To attain unparalleled growth through ethical business practices.

Management Team

Chairman Emeritus: Mr. SHASHI K SHAH



Over 3 decades ago, When others looked to the past, One man looked to the future. Where others saw impossibility, He saw an opportunity. He set out on a journey to innovate, Collaborate and create.


Today, at Lifeline Technologies, The vision of one man has transcended into motivation for all of us.  The spirit that was instilled years ago, Has neither withered nor weakened. But has grown stronger each day. We not only want to better ourselves but also work to improve the lives around us. Our desire to innovate has become our purpose to exist.


Together, With our knowledge harvested over time, With our vision crafted for tomorrow, and you, we are… Limitless


We have a lateral-thinking, goal-oriented, team of research scientists and PHDs engaged in Research and Development to create the most innovative of products. Our management team is an eclectic mix of experience and youth working in tandemtowards our company mission.