Ant Cum Termite Repellent

Ants/ Termites try to break through plastic to access a food source.
For example, Formosan termites can eat through PVC pipes.
Termites will readily damage flexible PVC grade compounds.
They have strong mandibles which they use to chew through electrical wiring, switches, and plug sockets etc…. Any accidental contact with such wet sockets can prove to be a hazard in the form of shock or short circuit.
They can damage a building’s electrical wiring in several ways, causing blackouts and putting you and your family at risk.

Ants tend to attack PU foams.

Mechanism :

Odour emitting compounds release a mild odour on the surface which last several years at a low concentration.
Highly bitter compound which provides additional protection to final product from ants and termites.

Features :

Non-Toxic, RoHS and REACH compliance, Food Safe

Applications :
  • Wires and Cables
  • Cable ducts
  • Silage bag
  • Plastic moulded components