Anti-Ripening Agent

Ripening is a normal phase in the maturation process of fruits and vegetables. This unavoidable process brings significant losses to both farmers and consumers alike. To delay fruit or vegetable ripening will serve consumers of “fresh-from-the-garden” produce.

Inorganic and Organic chemistry based compound:
  • Freshness Plus – Based on Nano Silver technology
  • Life Guard – Based on Modified Zeolite

Vegetables and Fruits are either ethylene producers or absorbers, which is triggered at maturity level. Use of anti-ripening agent will absorber or convert ethylene gas and significantly extend shelf life of fresh produce.

Advantages :
  • Assurance of best quality fruits and vegetables on the market. Consumers will get value for their money.
  • Widening of market opportunities for farmers as their produce can now be transported for longer periods of time.
  • Reduction in postharvest losses. This ensures a significant percentage of the harvested fruits to end up on the market shelves.
  • Extension in shelf life as fruits or vegetables as they stay fresher and nutritious for longer periods.
Applications :
  • Packaging film
  • Food containers
  • Crate liners
  • Refrigerator crisper tray