Static electricity is a type of electric current that can find a place at certain places or materials. It happens due to imbalanced electrical charges. This charge seems harmless but sometimes it gives undesired effects like static charge build-up attracts dust that gives plastic products dirty and unhygienic look, it makes the opening of bags difficult, and dryness caused by static electricity may create a possibility of explosion.

Polymers are electrically non-conductive and have a strong tendency to accumulate surface electrostatic charges especially in the case of larger surface areas like in packaging films, protective films and fibers etc. And here comes the role of Antistatic Additive Masterbatch.
The addition of an Antistatic Additive Masterbatch reduces the surface resistance of the end product and avoids the accumulation of static charge.

Lifeline Technologies’ antistatic masterbatch works on a molecular level that migrates to the product’s surface, as a result, it automatically draws airborne water molecules onto the surface thus reducing the electric charge.

  • Permanent Anti-Static
  • Short term Anti-Static
Applications :
  • Antistatic Additive Masterbatch prevents electrostatic charge on automobile interiors which in turn stops the dust accumulation
  • Electric and electronic home and office appliances can easily attract dust particle due to surface electrostatic charges, Antistatic Additive Masterbatch repeal them by reducing static charge
  • Antistatic Additive Masterbatch makes household products look cleaner and are easy to maintain by reducing static charge
  • A coating of Antistatic Additive Masterbatch on packaging film hinders the generation of static electricity and keeps it safe from dust accumulation outside and vapour droplets inside the packaging