Laser Marking

The laser marking procedure enables permanent markings to be made on plastic surfaces with a visually controlled laser beam. Material optimisation with 2% – 3% addition of laser additives is often essential for achieving an optimal marking contrast.

Laser marking additive works by absorbing the laser energy and causing some very localised heating, for a very short time. This creates a dark mark obtained from the burning or charring on the surface or a light mark obtained when the laser causes the polymer to foam.

Both light and dark marks are permanent and resistant to light, abrasion and chemicals. High contrast marks can be achieved quickly, and in virtually any colour and shade.

In general, laser marking can be used to identify part numbers or product information to be permanently marked compared to a label or print which may peel off or wear off over time.

Advantages :
  • Tags and seals, intricate decorative markings.
  • Cables and wires.