Monkey Repellent Additive

Monkey Repellent Additive

Monkeys are known for their curiosity and agility. They are frequently lured by shiny items and engage in destructive behaviors such as chewing on wires, cables, and pipes.

Monkey Repellent Additive protects products like power and telecommunication cables, plastic doors, sliding, and drip irrigation pipes from monkey damage. The formulation includes odor-emitting, bitter compounds and deterring monkeys. This discourages them from causing harm. The additive is environmentally friendly, RoHS, and REACH compliant, featuring low leachability and controlled evaporation rates. Applications range from wires and cables to gas pipelines, tubing, cable ducts, and underground tapes.


Equipped with potent odour-emitting and bitter compounds, the Monkey Repellent Additive proves effective as monkeys, upon biting treated items, develop an aversion to both the smell and taste. This swift aversion triggers a ripple effect, spreading the word among nearby mammals. Consequently, our end products, including power cables, telecommunication cables, and drip irrigation pipes, remain unharmed. This innovative solution not only safeguards our products but also ensures the well-being of the surrounding mammalian population. The non-toxic, environmentally friendly composition aligns with RoHS and REACH compliance, contributing to a sustainable and harm-free coexistence.

Advantages :
  • Low leachability
  • Low controlled evaporation rate of chemicals 
  • Non-Toxic
  • RoHS and REACH compliance
  • Environment friendly
Applications :
  • Wires and Cables
  • Cable ducts
  • Gas pipelines and tubing
  • Drip Irrigation Pipes
  • Underground tapes