Odour Remover

Industrial odours induced by manufacturing — particularly in plastics, rubber, and asphalt — can embed themselves in the end product. During plastics processing, additives, plasticizers and flame retardants are used. These additives, and sometimes the polymers, exude undesirable odours in finished products, restricting their applications. One solution- Masking fragrances, is a short-term solution because once the fragrance wears away, the malodour returns.

Odour Remover Additive Masterbatch acts by oxidation of odour creating substances or their adsorption. These masterbatches can be used to remove odours from recycled polyolefins having residual organic and degraded contaminants not removed during their cleaning or these can also be used to remove odours in virgin applications such as moulded containers and blown films made from virgin HDPE, PP etc. Odour absorbers absorb unwanted odours within the materials, by trapping the VOC molecules
Lifeline Odour Remover Additive Masterbatch eradicates malodours rather than concealing them with fragrances that may not go well with your products.
Lifeline Odour Remover Additive Masterbatch is an odour remover solution using natural ingredients to safely remove/ mask the odours of plastic products without altering the physical properties of the end yield.

  • Removes/ masks odours from the end product
  • Does not affect product characteristics