Rodent Repellent

Rodents are a menace in our homes, offices, farms, and godowns. These menaces damage several products like power cables, plastic doors, wires, sliding, benches, molded plastic furniture and parts, drip irrigation pipes, etc.

Rodents have the constant urge to bite in order to polish their incisors (front teeth). Ants/ Termites try to break through the plastic to access a food source.

We want to keep our things and surroundings safe from these pests but in the process sometimes we tend to harm the ecological balance of nature. Lifeline Technologies has come up with a unique solution for this problem, Rodent and Termite Repellent Additives that save not just household products, pipes, and cables but also save the lives of these pests by keeping them at bay with strong odours and bitter taste when added to the plastic.

Mechanism :

Rodent Repellent Additive contains herbal odour emitting and bitter compounds. They taste bitter when bitten by pests and emanate a strong odour. Rodents dislike the smell and taste after biting these once or twice and soon the word spreads among the rest of the nearby pests, as a result, our plastic products are saved and pests live too.

Features :

Non-Toxic, RoHS and REACH compliance, Food Safe and environment friendly

  • Wires and Cables
  • Cable ducts
  • Gas pipelines and tubing
  • Drip Irrigation Pipes
  • Underground tapes
  • Geo membranes
  • Silage bag
  • Plastic moulded components