Squirrel Repellent

Squirrels seem to like plastic and have been known to chew on all types of plastic articles found in the garden such as -pots, irrigation lines, fencing, garbage cans, irrigation covers, watering cans, tool handles, flower markers, statues and many more.

Determined squirrels can also chew through PVC pipes. Even lead pipes have been reported to be chewed through. If they chew through a natural gas pipe, it can be very dangerous. They can also damage wires and cables.

Mechanism :

Odour emitting compounds release a mild odour on the surface which last several years at a low concentration.
Highly bitter compound which provides additional protection to final product from squirrel bits.

Features :

Non-Toxic, RoHS and REACH compliance, Food Safe

Applications :
  • Wires and Cables
  • Cable ducts
  • Gas pipelines and tubing
  • Drip Irrigation Pipes
  • Underground tapes
  • Plastic moulded components