Polymer Processing Aid

The plastic industry is constantly innovating and creating new polymeric substances to achieve the best possible outcome. The need to make plastic products durable, attractive, clear and abrasion-resistant and to avoid processing problems like melt-fracture, sharkskin, die build-up, reduced output, and poor optical properties has pushed for innovation. These properties of plastic and reduction in processing problems can be achieved through the optimal adjustment of polymer additives and masterbatches to the specific requirement. So, creating customized combinations and introducing novel polymer additives with additive combinations helps in developing strengthened and continuously improved plastic products.

Processing aids are materials that are added to improve the processability of polymeric compounds. Improved processability lowers the cost and improves the quality of the polymer. Most used processing aids are styrenes, acrylics, calcium carbonates, lubricants, silicone oils etc.

These polymer additives improve durability and performance while resolving the processing issues. It calls for an assessment of these polymer additives in the context of technical and environmental conditions. The ageing process of these products should be in correlation with the degradation of the same. Lifeline Technologies is dedicatedly innovating to achieve this aim of making its additives environment friendly as well.