Anti-Microbial, Anti-Viral,Anti-Fungal

Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal

According to a study, about 80% of infectious diseases start from surface contact. Bacteria and fungi are everywhere in our daily life, the microbe can quickly reproduce with suitable conditions. They may cause contamination, odours and infectious diseases and can live on all surfaces including plastic. Nowadays most home and kitchen appliances and utility products are made of plastic.

So Lifeline Technologies came up with an innovative solution that is Anti-Microbial Additive Masterbatch, Anti-Fungal Additive Masterbatch. When Anti-Microbial Additive Masterbatch, Anti-Fungal Additive Masterbatch by Lifeline Technologies, is integrated into the polymer during the manufacturing process, these masterbatches inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria protecting against illnesses caused by them. These unique Anti-Microbial Additive Masterbatch, Anti-Fungal Additive Masterbatch based on nano-silver are food safe, Human safe, eco-friendly and compatible with most polymers. These additive masterbatches do not release silver. These can be used in various processes like Injection molding, Roto molding, Extrusion, Blow molding etc to inhibit the growth of microbes and fungus on plastic surfaces.

Applications :
    • Food packaging, Food containers
    • Cable Ducts
    • Gas pipeline and tubing
    • Drip Irrigation Pipes
    • Fridge liners
    • Water tank
    • Garbage bags
    • Wire and cables
    • Textile
    • Toys
    • Healthcare products
    • Car interior
    • Gloves
    • Door handles
    • ATM screen guards
    • Paper lamination for food boxes
    • Cups
    • Mobile phone covers
    • Keyboard skins
    • Non-woven bed sheets
    • Pillow covers
    • Airline seat covers.
    • Non-toxic
    • RoHs and REACH compliance
    • Environment friendly